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Interested in Photography?

In a time of rapid growth of our video division, DRIVE Media House, we have decided to let our photography division go. Our photographer, Corynne Hogan, is still available and booking sessions on her own through Paper Lantern Productions

This is what we call a "Lifestyle Piece"-- A commercial that brings your target market to connect on an emotional level.
A short and sweet video for an awesome local indie band.
Introducing the new "Mobile QWERTY" text entry device, the TREWGrip. Go and learn all about it and help fund the project at the Kickstarter page.
An invitation to the Cincy Typing Challenge that was held at the Cincinnati Museum Center on July 20th. On July 25th, the Cincy Typing Challenge 2013 champion walked away with $5,000 after typing 115 words per minute on the new TREWGrip device. Go learn all about this awesome new device at the TREWGrip Kickstarter page.
Here is a 60 second ad we did for Jaguar Cars. "The sweep of the sheetmetal. The roar of the V8 engine. The absolute thrill of driving a true luxury sports sedan. Picture yourself behind the wheel of a Jaguar XF, now more accessible as a Select Certified Pre-Owned vehicle."
Introduction video for the 2013 NCCAA World Series at Prasco Park in Mason, Ohio.
A forty-five second, exhilarating piece that reveals many joys of life. An experience that draws you in and makes you feel the happiness, showing the thrills of spending time with college friends, finding first love, and just being yourself. Live Happy, Dream Happy, Be Happy.
Here is a music video we shot for Hello! Jersey, out of Covington, KY. This was shot at Pine Hill Park in Mason, OH.
Music video for The Getaway's "Set The Night On Fire". Shot mostly at the old Jim Beam distillery in Cincinnati.
This is an informational piece we produced for Lynx Telematics for entry into Walmart's Get On The Shelf contest.
Here is a music video we shot for local band Let It Happen. We had a great time working with these guys and hope you enjoy the video as well as their music.
Derek and Cara had a beautiful wedding held at the Manor House in Mason. We were thankful to be the ones capturing their entire special day for them. Check out more more content, booking, and prices for weddings here.